Brief tidbit on Mike Pelfrey

I’ve already said my piece on Mike Pelfrey and the illusory nature of his supposed regression in 2009, but Howard Megdal passed out an interesting factoid via email that I figured I’d, in turn, pass along:

One of the actual knocks against Pelfrey from 2009 could be that his walk rate ticked up a tiny bit, from 2.87 BB/9 in 2008 to 3.22 BB/9 in 2009. Not a huge change and maybe not even a significant one, but not a good trend, for sure.

But as someone Howard corresponds with named Alan Topal (must give proper credit here on the Internet) points out, Pelfrey intentionally walked eight guys in 2009 after intentionally walking only one in 2008.

So Pelfrey’s unintentional walk rate held fast at 2/83 BB/9.

So that’s cool.

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