7 thoughts on “What Francoeur told Cerrone about OBP

  1. “Absolutely, if nobody is on base, do I want to get something going? Yeah, you wanna be selective and see what you can do. But, if there’s a guy on third with one out, I’m just trying to hit the ball to second base or to the shortstop if he’s back and get the run in. And, if that causes my OBP to be 10 points lower than, you know, I’m not that concerned about it.”

    OBP with RISP: .333
    OBP with bases empty: .309

    Maybe he should pretend somebody’s on base.

  2. Yea, taking walks and being patient is really new, nobody ever focused on it until moneyball. That’s why Ted Williams and Babe Ruth had such low OBP’s and never looked to walk. Wait, what?

  3. So how’s that strategy working for him? With runners in scoring position and fewer than 2 outs he hit .216 with a strikeout every at bats (22 of 88). Even if walks were meaningless, he should change strategies so his scouting report stops reading “0-2 when he steps in the box.”

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