Sandwiches I have enjoyed: The Fat Kushion

Back in the early days of TedQuarters, one of the most lively comments-section debates came in a post about cheesesteaks and how they’re overrated. Chris M, Intrusivity, Catsmeat and Will all confirmed the existence of the grease trucks at Rutgers, and something called the fat sandwich.

Yesterday, I had one. And it was good.

Good enough to make the trip to Rutgers worth it even despite the awful, awful beating my Georgetown Hoyas took at the hands of the miserable Scarlet Knights, and despite the terrible, constant buzzing noise emanating from the rafters of the Rutgers Athletic Center.

Fat sandwiches are, by definition, some awesome combination of hilarious meats and fried things, and basically every combination of things the grease trucks offer on sandwiches is available under one name or another.

The sandwich I had was called the Fat Kushion, and — get ready for this — it featured:

Cheesesteak, bacon, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, jalapenos and hot sauce. I got mine with ketchup.

It was exactly as good as it sounds. It looked like this:

The key to the fat sandwiches is that they’re not really as overwhelming as they sound. Having so many items on them does not mean they’re tremendously stuffed with stuff — the sandwich makers understand proportion. That’s good, and it’s important. One thing we stressed when training new workers at the deli was the appropriate proportion of meat:cheese:other stuff.

You can’t really tell from the above picture, but there were probably two chicken fingers, two mozzarella sticks, two slices of bacon, a couple thinly sliced steak-umm meat pieces and a few jalapenos in there. Then they topped the whole thing off with french fries. Delicious. I probably should’ve taken another picture while I was midway through the thing, but I was too busy cramming it into my mouth at disgusting speeds.

You can’t really distinguish any of the things inside it while you’re eating it. I definitely feel like I sensed a little bit of mozzarella stick flavor at one point, and I certainly tasted hot sauce. Mostly, it’s just a giant messy heap of delicious meatpile, and it’s totally amazing.

So next time you’re in New Brunswick, New Jersey, go to the grease trucks on College Ave. Buy one of these things and eat it. Unless, of course, you hope to live past 50. In that case, you’re on your own.

13 thoughts on “Sandwiches I have enjoyed: The Fat Kushion

  1. This sandwich does not sound like it is nutritionally sound. That said, it does sound like it must’ve been delicious. I would have added some broccoli or asparagus or at least carrots to it to assuage my guilt.

  2. if you are drunk and dont mind eating standing up, the grease trucks cant be beat. i am saddened to learn from the wikipedia entry that the more offensively named sandwiched were rechristened. i’ll miss you fat bitch. i’ll miss you a lot.

    • They still have the Fat Bitch at Penn State, along with the Fat Blunt, among others. They started a chain called RU Hungry and its in a bunch of college towns.

  3. There’s so much more to a sandwich than “as much crap as we can get onto a roll.”

    Call me fancy, but I prefer a kickass shredded-pork banh mi, a suckling-pig or REAL shrimp po’ boy, roast pork/provolone/broccoli rabe (Philly’s REAL treat), or my sneakily reliable friend, Mr. Reuben.

    • I’ll second this, and throw in the recommendation of my favorite failsafe, the incredibly easy steak sandwich–works best with hard rolls–make a quick garlic butter and toast the bread with the some mozzarella on top, sautee up an onion, cook some cube steak, and throw some Peter Luger’s on top, and you’ve got, in ten minutes, the best lunch you could ever want.

    • Thus spake the Wikipedia, at least. I have a weird love/hate thing with that show. They find incredible food and present it well, but I can’t stand the dude. I think I’m immensely jealous.

      • Yeah he failed but the dude finished 4.5 sandwiches in the allotted time and didn’t puke. I went to RU for several years so this is old hat to me but I live close enough that an occasional weekend we head into New Brunswick after the bar for a tasty treat. Honestly though try eating 2 of these and let me know how you feel – I think you are just a bit jealous Ted and Adam Richmond does seem a bit annoying but man can he eat.

        Damnit now I want a Fat Doughboy.

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