Balls on the money

Everybody look at Mark Sanchez:

No, seriously. Look at him:

On my walk to the studio this afternoon I overheard a couple guys walking in front of me recapping the Jets game. I didn’t pick up much of their conversation, but I caught this:

“He threw two balls on the money.

Presumably the man was referring to Sanchez’s last two passes of the game, the 42-yard strike to Braylon Edwards and the six-yard game-winning touchdown to Santonio Holmes on the next play. But I think “balls on the money” is a pretty apt way to describe Sanchez’s performance the last couple weeks. And I say that even though I have no idea what “balls on the money” even means.

It’s beyond cliched to refer to Sanchez’s poise, now that Deadspin exposed the N.Y. media’s penchant for using the term to characterize the Jets’ young QB. But watch the Jets’ last drive and offer me a better description. Or just look at the second picture above — taken immediately after the touchdown pass to Holmes. Sanchez isn’t even smiling yet. Brad Smith is giving his quarterback a well-deserved celebratory hug, and Sanchez appears to be still focused on the task he just completed.

Yesterday, for perhaps the first time in his young career, Sanchez — with help from his receivers — carried the Jets to victory. In the fourth quarter, with the Texans surging, the Jets’ secondary, offensive line and ground game all fell apart. Sanchez picked them up.

Some will say the Jets were lucky to beat the Texans, like they were lucky to beat the Browns and the Lions, and they don’t really deserve their NFL-best 8-2 record.

To that I say: Whatever. Look at Mark Sanchez.

2 thoughts on “Balls on the money

  1. I see something new every time I look at this photo. I just noticed how it appears that the bear (from the Cali flag) is climbing up the completely real and not photo-shopped Taco Bell hat.

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