Being Derek Jeter

I know I shouldn’t post this video here because it only perpetuates this type of stuff, and that there’s not much left to be said about the weirdness of paparazzi culture. But if you ever want to feel sympathy for a rich, famous, handsome Hall of Famer and his rich, famous beautiful actress girlfriend, watch this.

It’s not that the videographer is particularly aggressive or anything like that. He pretty much just stands there filming, then asks Jeter about whatever movie he just saw. Plus I realize that part of the bargain of being a celebrity — and dating celebrities — is sacrificing a good deal of your privacy.

So maybe I shouldn’t feel bad for them at all. But there’s something about Jeter’s brief, disgusted glance at the camera from the car that makes him seem way more human than he ever does during Yankee games (even when he’s diving in vain for groundballs).

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