Heroic reader creates awesome map

Katherine — who reads TedQuarters for the sandwich reviews even though she’s not a sports fan — sent along the following Google map, which plots and color-codes every sandwich in the five boroughs that I’ve reviewed here.

The Hall of Fame sandwiches are in blue. Sandwiches receiving 80-89 ratings are in green, 70-79 are yellow, and 60-69 are pink.

This might be my proudest blogger moment. Finally, my efforts are legitimized.

View TedQuarters Sandwich of the Week in a larger map

5 thoughts on “Heroic reader creates awesome map

    • Good question. This map only includes five-borough sandwiches, but it’s true that I haven’t reviewed any Jersey sandwiches. I ate and wrote about the Fat Kushion from the grease trucks way back when and will probably make a grease-truck sandwich the Sandwich of the Week after the Georgetown-Rutgers game in January.

      Mostly, it’s difficult to get to Jersey for sandwiches because I work in the city during the week and spend most of my Saturdays in Brooklyn playing baseball and most of my Sundays in Westchester watching football. If you’ve got any to recommend, though, I’m all ears. I’ve been hoping to make a trip to Jersey for Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese for a while now.

  1. Wow, great work. I never realized you reviewed a sandwich from Baoguette. I haven’t had the sloppy Bao yet, (I’ll certainly have that for lunch next week) but I was gonna recommend you review something from there. I’ve been there a few times this year and it amazes me how the school cafeteria is packed, yet that place is practically empty.

    I also got to try the hot roast beef at Defonte’s since it’s only a few blocks and I have a couple of hours to kill during my break.

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