Daily News gossip poll consistently hilarious

You know, I promised myself I was going to cut back on the straight-up newspaper trolling. But I’m really busy today and the Daily News gossip poll is like an alley-oop pass. They’re usually embedded in the related articles online, but they run the results in isolation in the Gatecrasher section in the print edition. And the questions will be stuff that really shouldn’t be left up for polls, like, “Should (Celebrity A) and (Celebrity B) have gotten a divorce?”

Anyway, today’s is true to form. Apparently someone named Joel Madden, who is married to Lionel Richie’s daughter Nicole, Tweeted that his wife spends too much money on pillows. Now the Daily News wants to know if he was overreacting, if he’s completely right, or if he should be keeping their private affairs off Twitter.

Turns out 64% of Daily News readers believe no one should be spending $3,000 on pillows. But I don’t care about Daily News readers (besides myself, of course). I care about you! So I’ve put the same poll here — with a few more choices — to see what TedQuarters Nation thinks about Joel Madden’s decision to Tweet about Nicole Richie’s decision to spend $3,000 on pillows.

[poll id=”18″]

That last one is a shout-out to some SNY.tv editors. For a very long time, whenever we ran a homepage poll involving the Knicks, that was the last answer. It usually won.

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