Bold Flavors Snack of the Week

More sandwich reviews coming soon, I promise. Been really busy with all this moving and such.

Anyway, here’s an easy recipe:

1) Go to the deli counter at Fairway. Take a number.
2) After ordering a week’s worth of lunchmeats, notice the delicious-looking knishes in the display.
3) Order a knish. (OPTIONAL: Remember you’re married and ask for another.)
4) Bring the knishes home and put them in the toaster oven at 350-degrees for about 20 minutes.
5) Remove and eat.

Bold Flavors Snack of the Week: Knish

Man, why don’t we eat more knishes? In college, I met a bunch of people who weren’t from New York and had never even heard of a knish. Could you imagine? They’re so delicious, so relatively simple, and yet limited in availability to such a small portion of the country. Why?

If you’re unfamiliar: A knish, in its most basic incarnation, is essentially just mashed potatoes wrapped in pastry. That’s the square kind shown above — billed as “Coney Island Knish” at Fairway. There are a bunch of fancier, round knishes with various fillings in addition to potato, and at high-end knisheries they’ll tell you the square types are nonsense. Whatever. They’re amazing.

As you can see, I served myself my knish with mustard, ketchup and sriracha. It turned out sriracha was no good on a knish, so just pretend that’s not there. Mustard is the traditional knish condiment. I don’t want to get into another whole debate, but I like a little ketchup on there too, for sweetness. Mostly mustard, though.

Point is, you bite into the slightly crispy, chewy, salty pastry part of the knish to reveal a center of delicious molten mashed potatoes, smooth and peppery. It’s tasty enough on its own, but as a vehicle for mustard (and a little ketchup), it’s outstanding.

I just don’t think we’re doing enough with savory pastries in general.

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