Oh well if that’s the case…

I was hoping the Mets would land Jonathan Broxton as a low-cost reclamation project for the back end of the bullpen, but the beefy right-hander would hardly be the first man to be lured in by Francoeur’s charming set of intangibles. One could only imagine the scene in those Georgia backwoods, Francoeur smiling maniacally with a rifle in one hand, a fresh kill in the other and a glimmer in his eye, convincing Broxton that this time he really has turned the corner and that if win-loss record was so important, well… you know.

They say free-agent relievers are the most dangerous game.

Broxton’s deal is reportedly worth $4 million for one year, hardly chump change but not unreasonable considering the way he dominated hitters from 2006 to 2009. Crasnick also tweeted that the Mets were among Broxton’s “most ardent pursuers,” which at least vaguely contradicts various vague reports from earlier in the hot-stove season. But I guess that’s all part of the game.

Anyway, there are still a handful of potential low-risk high-upside reliever types out there. Smart money says the Mets will land one eventually. Unless the Royals keep sending out Francoeur as an emissary. If that’s the case, we’re screwed.

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