Mike Pelfrey’s Grapefruit League stats in retrospect

Here is a chart I made tracking Mike Pelfrey’s performance in Spring Training and the regular season since he became a part of the Mets’ rotation full time in 2008:


Year Spring ERA Spring K:BB ERA K:BB
2008 8.14 0.8 3.72 1.72
2009 7.77 1.67 5.03 1.62
2010 6.15 8 3.66 1.66
2011 5.63 2.25 4.74 1.62
2012* 14.90 0.67

*- So far!

Are you seeing a pattern here? Me too! Mike Pelfrey’s K:BB ratio is always around 1.65! Amazing!

The rest of it doesn’t mean anything except that we all want real baseball games to start. In a couple of weeks, they will, and then we can kill Pelfrey for his secondary stuff or his mental makeup or his lack of command or his failure to emerge as a big-time ace or whatever it is we’re killing Pelfrey for come April. But right now, well… we’re talking about practice.

If the early Spring struggles indicate Pelfrey is hurting in some way, that’s an issue. If he feels good like he says he does and is just spending the Grapefruit League season working on things like he’s supposed to, smart money says he’ll pitch like Mike Pelfrey again in 2012.

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