Tacocopter: A thing?

We guess a delivery car or bicyclist was too pedestrian for tech folks; over in San Francisco, something called TacoCopter has popped up, delivering online orders of tacos via helicopter — an unmaned, robotic one, to be exact.

According to the bare bones web site, all you have to do is place your order on your iPhone, tap away, and await the TacoCopter

Jessica Chou, the Daily Meal.

My wife is oddly vigilant about making sure people actually make wishes at appropriate moments: Before breaking a wishbone, while blowing out birthday candles, when the clock strikes 11:11. I love her so I usually indulge her, though she’d never know if I didn’t since the wishes are never spoken.

Anyway, unless all those banked wishes from the two and half years I’ve been married (and all the time we dated before that) suddenly came true, I’m going to go ahead and assume that the Tacocopter is not a real thing.

I mean… no way, right? An unmanned, robotic quadrotor helicopter that delivers tacos? That’s what you call “too good to be true” my friends. This has to be some sort of publicity stunt. Maybe guerrilla marketing for some movie about a utopian future, or a scam to trick honest, taco-craving Americans into divulging their locations and credit card information.

The Tacocopter “co-founder,” Dustin Boyer, said on quora that it’s “definitely real” but that “there are a number of technical and legal hurdles that our team is working through.”

Straight up: I will believe this when I’m eating a taco that was delivered to me by an unmanned robot helicopter and not a second before.

Via Paul Vargas.


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