Mets over-under

Context: Because the Mets appear distant longshots to take the NL East in 2012, because they’re coming off three straight losing seasons and because we live in a world with ever-shrinking grey areas, someone will inevitably suggest that the 2012 Mets will vie with their 1962 predecessors for the worst record in Major League history.

Barring catastrophe, the 2012 Mets should win way more than 40 games. The 1962 Mets were almost unimaginably bad, and unlucky on top of that.

The 2009 Mets won their 41st game on July 11, the 2010 Mets won it on June 23, and the 2011 Mets won it on June 29. July 9 this year marks the beginning of the All-Star Break. The game on July 8 will be the Mets’ 86th game of the season. Also, my dad’s birthday.

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