About Ted

Ted Berg covered the Mets, sandwiches and Taco Bell, among other things, at this site from 2009-2013 for SportsNet New York, where he also served as a podcast and video host and senior manager of digital media. He then moved to USA Today Sports, where he headed national baseball coverage for For The Win and continued writing about sandwiches and Taco Bell. He feels uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person and will now abandon it.

I left my job in August after losing on Jeopardy!. I live in New York City with my wife and son. I aim to overhaul this site at some point, but I’m also keeping busy chasing a toddler around Manhattan, checking the job market, and working on a longer writing project that may or may not ever be completed or published.

1 thought on “About Ted

  1. Ted, in your “For The Win” column “Astros Look Silly”, you made a mistake: “Lowrie bunted to try to beat the infield shift the A’s were using against him.” The Astros were using the shift, not the A’s.

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