As it turns out, everything sounds pretty badass when said with a Russian accent

Seriously, someone needs to hip Jeff Wilpon to this. New Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov doesn’t say anything overwhelmingly interesting in his video message to fans, but it all sounds confident and vaguely ominous.

I guess that has more to do with Hollywood than Prokhorov, but it helps that I know he kickboxes in his spare time and has confessed to paying bribes. It’s no small feat to buy into a team part-owned by Jay-Z and instantly become the shareholder with the most street cred.

Also, when asked today how he would be able to woo big-name free-agents, he said, “I have my own secrets.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds awesome.

The definition of ambivalence

Back when I supported myself by tutoring for the verbal SATs, I spent a lot of time explaining to high schoolers the difference between indifference and ambivalence.

Indifference means you’re impartial or you don’t care. Ambivalence means you have mixed or contradictory feelings, hence the prefix ambi-, meaning both.

I can’t think of anything in New York sports in recent years that I’ve been more thoroughly ambivalent about than the Atlantic Yards landgrab that would move the Nets to Brooklyn, which is hotly contested and going to state supreme court tomorrow.

I lived about five blocks from the proposed site from 2005 until August, first in Prospect Heights, just south, then in Fort Greene, just north. I loved living in Brooklyn, in both spots. It fit me in some way that I can’t say anyplace else I’ve ever lived has.

On one hand, I feel like there are a ton of people there who would absolutely embrace a professional team and create one of the most diverse and energetic fanbases in the league. On the other, I certainly recognize that eminent domain seems unfair, and I find it difficult to argue in favor of kicking people out of their homes against their will.

But progress is progress, and a lot of times unfortunate people have to be displaced for decisions a community — since the city’s and borough’s elected officials are in favor of the development — deems necessary for continued growth. On the other hand, the traffic at Flatbush and Atlantic already sucks, and I could only imagine what it would be like the night of a Nets game, even if the spot is a huge subway and LIRR hub.

I love contemporary architecture, and I hate when people make new buildings that are supposed to look old, so I think it’s cool that Brooklyn would theoretically have a huge 21st century skyline. On the other hand, I’m not at all fond of Frank Gehry’s work and many of the proposed skyscrapers looked completely ridiculous. Then again, I hear Gehry’s off the project, but that in turn makes me worry about whatever they’ll settle on eventually.

I guess my issue is that there’s so much information out there about the project, but it’s very difficult to find any from anyone without some sort of agenda. It seems likely to happen, but not nearly to the scale initially planned.

So that’s cool, I guess. I still don’t know.