For your evening entertainment

Check this out: There’s a railroad overpass in Durham, N.C. that’s just a couple of inches too short for many trucks to clear. The city installed a bunch of signs and flashing lights to warn drivers of the low clearance, but still about one truck a month gets the top of its trailer sliced off by the bridge. Obviously it’s awful for the truck drivers, even if they should have been paying closer attention.

A local filmmaker named Jürgen Henn has spent the last five years documenting the crashes and posting them to his YouTube channel. Now, someone set them to the Rocky theme, and it’s spectacular.

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The Gangnam Style video to end them all

This site has been open in its appreciation of former Georgetown Hoya hero and current Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, one of our nation’s most awesome individuals. Check out his appearance at the Pacers’ Meet the Rookies event at an Indianapolis-area shopping mall. My understanding is that no one was expecting this.

That’s impressive footwork for a 7-foot-2 man.

Via Scott.