The First Black Jack Taco in Elmsford, NY

I caught wind of the new Black Jack Taco today thanks to the Internet’s own Jake Rake.
I had to try it, but the problem is the Taco Bell nearest my home is the Worst Taco Bell on the Face of the Earth. Bar none. It’s terrible. One time I waited 17 minutes for my tacos. It was still worth it, obviously, but that’s really just inexcusable for Taco Bell.

The other thing they do is serve Volcano Tacos in regular, non-red taco shells. Are you kidding me? That’s just a regular taco with lava sauce on it, my friends. Don’t sell me it as a Volcano Taco, please.

Anyway, the woman at the register looked completely baffled when I ordered a Black Jack Taco. She asked if I meant Double Decker Taco, and I said no, that while the Double Decker Taco is indeed delicious, I was there to sample the new Black Jack Taco. She told me they didn’t have it, so I turned to leave, further disappointed in the World’s Worst Taco Bell.

But the confusion made enough commotion that some manager guy overheard and said, “hold on! It’s downloading now!”

Huh? Downloading?

I take this to mean that some Taco Bell supercomputer contains all of the Taco Bell recipes, and when Taco Bell gets a new menu item, all the local Taco Bell franchises must download them to properly prepare the delicious new menu items.

Because, you know, they can’t just look at the pictures.

Anyway, the main innovation — and only new Taco Bell ingredient — in the Black Jack taco is the black taco shell, which was predictably awesome. I don’t know that it tasted appreciably different than a regular taco shell, of course, but I don’t see what’s so wrong with that.

There was a decent amount of spice in there, and it might have been coming from the shell. Then again, it could have been the Pepper Jack sauce, which you may remember from such Taco Bell menu items as the Baja Gordita or the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It’s amazing, and it’s probably one of the most underrated Taco Bell things.

Anyway, the Black Jack Taco comes with my heartiest of recommendations, mostly because it’s served at Taco Bell. But what I really took out of this day is that there is, somewhere on in the Internet, a database filled with forthcoming Taco Bell recipes. Please, hackers, help me out.

I also appreciate the new direction in Taco Bell products toward a greater variety of shell colors. Now, with the new black, traditional yellow, and volcano red varieties, I can finally create my all-taco tribute to the Belgian flag.

4 thoughts on “The First Black Jack Taco in Elmsford, NY

  1. True story: I have never set foot in a full-on Taco Bell.

    Closest I ever came was the KFC/Taco Bell hybrid in Bennington, VT; there I frequently ordered Twisters from the KFC side, but never a thing from the Taco Bell side.

    • Full-on Taco Bells are swiftly dwindling. The one in Elmsford is a KFC/Taco Bell combo, as well. But that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying delicious Taco Bell.

      Hilariously, I know the Bennington KFC/Taco Bell of which you speak and have been there many, many times. It’s pretty much the best place to eat in Bennington after the Blue Benn closes at 6 p.m.

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