Items of note

It turns out that, aside from the Twitter whining, David Clowney might be a pretty awesome guy.

Mike and the Mad Dog will reunite today. Smart money says it’ll be entertaining but ultimately frustrating nonsense.

A-Rod’s cousin and drug hookup Yuri Sucart is in financial trouble. Hmm… I wonder if he knows anyone who could bail him out.

Pedro Martinez will start Game 2 of the NLCS tonight. I wish the Phillies lost Game 1 so I could root for Pedro to at least have a decent start and Lidge to blow it. Now I’m taking no chances. My hatred for the Phillies trumps my love for Pedro.

Toby Hyde continues covering the crap out of the Mets’ Minor League system, breaking down Fernando Martinez and Jon Niese upon their inclusion in Baseball America’s Top 20 International League prospects. Shockingly, as Toby points out, Jesus Feliciano did not make the cut.

2 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. Funny thing Ted, my hatred for the Phillies is the same. Very frustrating to see Pedro pitch so well for the Phillies – I really did feel like he deserved a bit more of a chance for the Mets.

    Question is ….. would he have pitched that well for us Flushing fans?

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