That which does not kill Mark Sanchez only makes him like 100 times more awesome

I can’t believe that Mark Sanchez is dealing with even the tiniest bit of sanctimony over eating a hot dog during the fourth quarter yesterday.

I don’t get it at all. He apologized afterward. Why? Honestly: Why? Why should he be sorry for eating if he’s hungry? He said he was feeling a bit queasy, so he wanted to eat something.

I’m not sure a hot dog is the best way to cure an upset stomach, but if it’s what Mark Sanchez wanted, why does anyone care? He said he should have had an energy bar instead. Why? It’s all food, right? Don’t judge Mark Sanchez for the complexities of his palate. If you want a hot dog, Mark Sanchez, eat a hot dog.

He shouldn’t have even had to hide it! Poor guy had to go into stealth mode to put mustard on the thing. Stand up, Mark Sanchez, and proudly munch that frankfurter. Let the world know that when you eat a hot dog, it’s an extremely hot dog.

I happen to think it’s particularly awesome. What a stud. Here’s what it looks like when Mark Sanchez eats a hot dog:

4 thoughts on “That which does not kill Mark Sanchez only makes him like 100 times more awesome

  1. I thought it was pretty rad. Dude’s hungry; he should eat. He didn’t come back in the game after eating the dog. No big thing.

    Moreover, you know Eddy Curry is studying that video to try and apply Sanchez’s stealth hot dog methods.

  2. You know what I wonder? What’s the process by which Mark Sanchez gets himself a hot dog on the sideline? Does he flag down a vendor in the lower level of the stadium? Because even if he does, he presumably isn’t carrying any cash during the game.

    My theory: I think Rex Ryan has a few hot dogs with him at all times, in case he feels like a snack.

    • Yeah, I wondered this too. And I also considered the Rex Ryan hot-dog stash possibility. But when you think about that, what are the chances Rex Ryan gives one up? And it seems even less likely that there’d still be one available by the fourth quarter.

      • I guess it depends on how big Rex’s stash is, and how frequently it’s replenished by his staff. Maybe one of his assistant coaches is tasked with making sure that Rex has hot dogs with him at all times.

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