Items of note

The Red Sox picked up Jeremy Hermida in another non-non-tender deal. Essentially, the Marlins didn’t want to pay Hermida, but they didn’t want to let him go for nothing, so they spun him to the Red Sox, who can afford him.

Hermida is a decent, patient hitter who will probably have a couple of good seasons now that he’s entering his prime, but it doesn’t look like he’s ever be the star he appeared ready to become in 2007. I always thought he’d be a nice pickup if the Mets could get him on the cheap, but I won’t go nuts over it. They shouldn’t be in the business of trading away even marginal prospects for guys that probably aren’t as good as Angel Pagan.

The interesting thing is the deal itself. There was a lot of talk that these type of moves would happen, and now it seems they’re happening. I have a rare bit of inside info that confirms the Mets are at least aware of the trend (which should be a given, but it’s not with this front office), so here’s hoping they figure out a way to make it work for them.

The Mets added Shawn Bowman to their 40-man roster yesterday, protecting him from the Rule 5 draft. Bowman, a Canadian, hit a little bit at Double-A this year, but still strikes out way too much and his .392 BABIP suggests he probably got a little bit lucky. He mashed left-handers, which is nice, but he’ll be more or less useless against Major League righties without more seasoning.

In the least surprising bit of news ever, Tim Lincecum got busted for marijuana possession yesterday. I’ve seen a lot of jokes about how much sportswriter sanctimony will inevitably follow, but I haven’t seen any evidence of actual sanctimony yet. It could be that no one cares at all.

I’ve avoided mentioning the Canyon of Heroes parade today, but if you’re interested, Alex Belth from this here blog network will be on SNY’s coverage of the event.

For the rest of you (and Tim Lincecum), enjoy some Floyd:

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