French fried

So word is the Mets are bringing back Jeff Francoeur, and that’s no surprise. I have been down on Francoeur since the trade, but it’s fair to argue he earned a shot at a second go-round with the team with his solid half-season in 2009.

Plus, the way a large portion of Mets fans took to the guy, benching him or parting with him before 2010 would be akin to doing the same with Daniel Murphy before 2009. The team is backed into the corner by fan perception. We could argue that there are reasons not to bring Francoeur back, but it’d be pointless. There was really no way the Mets weren’t going to open 2010 with Francoeur in right field.

The more alarming thing about Bart Hubbuch’s tweet linked above, though, is the part that says the Mets “wouldn’t rule out a contract extension.”

OK, that’s where we start pushing into the realm of terrible, horrible, no-good ideas. Handing Jeff Francoeur a multi-year extension based on what he did for the Mets would be like punching common sense in the face.

Jeff Francoeur was pretty good for the Mets over 289 at-bats. Before those 289 at-bats, he had been downright terrible for the Braves for a year and a half and well below average for a right fielder for the two seasons before that.

Sample size. Sample size. Sample size.

If Francoeur’s turnaround is real, the Mets will have plenty of time to sign him to an extension during the 2010 season, after he’s proven he can maintain the necessary level of production. Signing him to an extension anytime before that would indicate a reckless disregard for history.

9 thoughts on “French fried

  1. The Mets made Reyes and Wright wait the equivalent of two full seasons before giving them extensions — and they were friggin’ superstars. The dark side of me would love to see a Francoeur extension followed by a repeat of his 2008 season. This is emblematic of my complete ambivalence toward this franchise.

    • I just can’t wait to hear all the people ask “what’s wrong with Fracoeur,” when his BABIP regresses from .343 to his career norm of .307 and his line through May is .260/.290/.360. I love the Mets, but I hate this franchise.

  2. Let Francouer play out his contract in 2010. He is a way better right fielder for the Mets than he was for the Braves. Next, Go after the big fish, if Arroyo and Phillips are available due a straight up crappy contract for crappy contract and get rid of Perez and as much as I like Castillo, get rid of him too.

    Left field go all out, I’m really tired of this Chone figgins talk, he’s not what every one thinks he is and should not even be considered for the sole position in Left.

    Finally, Yes take Lackey over Halladay, as awesome as it would be to see the best two pitchers in this Era on the same team, it will limit the holes the Mets really have to fill.

    As far as Managers and bench coaches, How about Bobby Valentine for Manager and Mike Piazza as bench coach.

  3. With so many others holes to fill I don’t think the Mets had much of a choice wether to at least bring Frenchy back for another year. If he ends up as our #6 or #7 hitter, I can live with that. The guy for the majority of his career has been able to drive in runs and he can hit the ball out of the ballpark at any time. From a bottom of the order guy, I think thats fine, I’m not looking for the dude to get on base for Omir Santos or the pitcher.

  4. am i missing something, why all the bad posts about francouer, he was great with mets, i know he was not great with braves in2009 and had a subpar 2008 but was great in 06 and 07, getting him for church was a steal, we have many more problems than jeff francouer i have no problems penciling him in rf for the next decade

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