Items of note

Howard Megdal votes no on Chone Figgins. Sam Page is ambivalent, and points to Figgins’ “really cool name,” an excellent point. I refuse to pronounce it “Shawn,” for what it’s worth. I much prefer to say it phonetically with a terrible cockney accent, along the lines of “I’m Chone Figgins, I am, I am” and maybe throw in a “guv’nah” in there, too.

Also, someone clearly needs to put Chone Figgins, Lastings Milledge and Norris Hopper on the same team to field an All-Dickens-name outfield.

Rich Zuckerman, Knicks columnist and lauded ass-kicking machine, says Allen Iverson is not The Answer for the Knicks. I think it just depends on the question. If it’s “Would I be more likely to watch Knicks games if Allen Iverson was playing?” then, well, yes.

Scientists say people who believe the world will end in 2012 are crazy. Darren Daulton replies, “STEAK! STEAK! RADIO!”

3 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. I personally would love to see the Knicks sign Iverson. Now I’m not thinking hes going to turn them into a playoff team, but he would make them more fun to watch for this year and I do think he’d be an improvement.

    If you ever do watch a Knicks game, its clear they lack a go to guy, who can create his own shot when they need a bucket, Iverson can still do that. And I dont see why it has to take away time from the youngsters, how about it takes away time from Chris Duhon, who blows.

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