More on catchers

Two perplexing moves have come out since I started the Chris Coste column I’m writing, which is taking way longer than it should because I keep getting interrupted by actual work:

Brian Schneider has signed a two-year (!) deal with the Phillies and Kelly Shoppach has been traded to the Rays for a player to be named later.

What has two thumbs and no idea what’s going on right now? This guy.

Someone was willing to give a two-year contract to Brian Schneider, and Kelly Shoppach only cost a player to be named later? Yikes.

Of course, of course, it’s the Rays that got Shoppach. Obviously. It’s too smart a pickup for almost anybody else.

Back to writing the column now. It’s not even good. Sorry for the delay.

13 thoughts on “More on catchers

  1. I don’t know if it is Omar or Jeff Wilpon or if there is some group that comes to a concensus but right now this is a DUMB organization. Other than the Royals is there another team that has the process more wrong than the Mets? How long until we all become Rays fans?

  2. Maybe the Mets are trying to fill out the 40 man roster as soon as possible before the Rule V draft so that they dont have to even attempt to make a smart pick up that way. Speaking of smart pickups, the Phillies are looking at signing John Smoltz according to MLBTR. Is there a single Mets starter other than Santana that you feel comfortable in greatly outperforming Smoltz next year?

  3. If The Blue Jays Want A Major League Ready Arm & Bat, Mike Pelfrey & Daniel Murphy Should Get It Done, With Of Course A Couple Of Young Top Prospects Including Ruben Tejada & Jenry Mejia They Would Not In A Million Years Would They They Reject This Offer!

  4. Mike Pelfrey, Daniel Murphy,Ruben Tejada & Jenry Mejia For Roy Holiday Too Much I Don’t Think So Note The Mets Still Get Draft Picks Like Everyone Else So We Are Not Emptying The Farm System!

  5. The Braves are going to sign Billy Wagner which will give the Red Sox the Braves first round pick…another winning move by the Mets

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