Mets sign Dutchmen, inspire hilarious translation

According to, the Mets have signed Dutch teenagers Kevin Weijgertse and Björn Hato. Both are expected to train at the Mets’ instructional facility in the Dominican Republic starting in April, but only one is expected to have an umlaut in his name.

The  Babelfish translation of the article is predictably hilarious. Here’s what is has to say about Weijgertse:

The third limping man finished three games for the club head village. Weijgertse to Corendon Kinheim, moved at the end of the season, where he the fixed third limping man became. In service of the Haarlemse plough the binnenvelder 39 played games with 36 limping battle (.243), fifteen scored runs and seventeen binnengeslagen points.

It’s probably a bad sign that he’s already limping, but you have to be impressed by the seventeen binnengeslagen points.

As for Hato:

Also Björn Hato (18) ended up last season for head class serum Corendon Kinheim. The binnenvelder made one’s debut on Sunday 26 April in the head power then he in the eighth collection of the game against Mr. Cocker HCAW was used as pinchrunner.

I’ll say this much, it’s pretty impressive that Babelfish knows the Dutch word for “pinchrunner.” It’s less impressive that the Mets are signing guys who are only being used as pinch runners in Dutch baseball games.

Of course, for all I know “pinchrunner” here means he somehow hit seven home runs in a game and he’s actually the Dutch Babe Ruth.

7 thoughts on “Mets sign Dutchmen, inspire hilarious translation

  1. The literal Dutch-English translation of “binnenvelder” is “within fielder.” I like to think that maybe this means we signed these guys based on some deeper, existential mission.

  2. Dont forget to mention Bjorn’s head class serum. that stuff is POTENT.

    OMG JUST REALIZED THE METS HAVE SOMEONE NAMED “HATO.” Rookie of the Year anyone???? I can already hear john candy “ITS HATO!!!!”

    “Hey kid, where’s your ma sittin? MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!!”

  3. Ted, this is good because if these guys are the real deal the Mets could sign the whole country and that way when they get booed at Citi field they won’t know what it means. I mean they are already Limping. That can’t be good. Go Dutch. That’s like going organic.

  4. Why do you do this to me Ted? Just burst out in laughter in the middle of the NYU Law library in the middle of finals studying panic. Pretty sure everyone hates me now. I could use some more binnengeslagen points right about now.

  5. OMG this translation software is horrible. I have an account in (based on human translators) so I’ll translate the Honkbal site article for you to English and post it here.

  6. What it actually says is that Weijgerste played three games in the Dutch Major League for Hoofddorp in 2008. In 2009 he moved to Corendon Kinheim to play the full season as the starting third baseman. He played 39 games with 36 hits (.243), fifteen runs en seventien rbi’s.
    Björn Hato (shortstop) also played for Corendon Kinheim, but he just played in one Major Leaugue game where he was a pinch-runner. The rest of the season he played for the Rookie League-team of Kinheim. He batted .403.

    You can compare both of these Dutch players with Rien Vernooij. He also is part of the NY Mets organisation. They have to work hard to get better. They had a signing bonus of $ 20.000 with $ 20.000 for education.

    PS: binnenvelder is the Dutch word for infielder.

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