Jeff Francoeur’s thumbs appear A-OK

Courtesy of the fellas at Baseball Think Factory, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a photo gallery of Jeff Francoeur’s golfing trip to Scotland. And as you can see, his surgically repaired thumb looks just fine:

UPDATE: I should have read the captions more closely. Apparently Frenchy’s golfing trip to Scotland came before the thumb surgery, so clearly he was just showing off his ability to stretch out those ligaments before putting ’em away for the winter. Anyway, doesn’t make the photo any less hilarious.

11 thoughts on “Jeff Francoeur’s thumbs appear A-OK

  1. This is just priceless. What a happy boy, our Frenchie.

    I may have cried when we got him, I’m not sure, but I was really pretty devastated that day. And now, I find myself quite fond of the big lug. Just helpless in the face of Frenchie’s charm.

  2. Francoeur is an amusing goof, I’ll admit. No ball, no club, he’s just posing in the bunker with the two thumbs up. I still think he’s not good enough to be a starting corner outfielder, but he’d almost certainly be more fun to drink with than Ryan Church, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

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