Obligatory Ben Sheets sour grapes post

Ben Sheets signed a one-year, $10 million contract with the A’s today.

Whatever. I didn’t want that chump on the Mets anyway. If he played for the Mets, he’d be hurt by May. You could mark that down. And he has no heart. Couldn’t handle the New York media. Wasn’t up to the pressure of the big city. Something something something.

Seriously, though, $10 million does seem like a lot for a guy who is such a huge injury risk. Of course, for the Mets, the danger in paying him so much is the chance he gets hurt, the team stinks, and you’ve flushed some payroll down the toilet.

And the Mets, without Sheets, seem pretty much destined to flush a whole lot of payroll down the toilet. It’s not my money, of course, but it was only a one-year deal — not the type of contract that would hamstring them down the road.

I advocated Sheets for the Mets because he was the type of gamble I hoped could yield a big enough return to launch the Mets into contention, even despite all the question marks in their lineup and the expected absence of Carlos Beltran.

And it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot left out there that might make that difference.

Regardless, I wonder how much more on top of the $10 million it would have taken for the Mets to lure Sheets away from Oakland. After all, that club can also boast a park with a reputation for benefiting pitchers, something I thought could be a big selling point for the Mets.

And perhaps more importantly, the A’s lack that pesky notoriety — deserved or otherwise — for spectacularly mishandling their injured players.

Pure speculation, but I’d guess that factored into his decision. This is, after all, a guy who missed all of last season and parts of the previous four with injuries.

So maybe the Mets didn’t really have a shot at Sheets in the first place.

Whatever. What’s done is done. Ben Sheets is on the A’s and the Mets are still penciling Fernando Nieve into the back of their rotation. I’m still all for John Smoltz, and it seems like the Mets might be too, so, you know, good.

3 thoughts on “Obligatory Ben Sheets sour grapes post

  1. Outside of Gary Matthews, I’m finding it hard to find fault with the Mets on their moves (or lack thereof) this offseason. They passed on people WAY overpaid for their contribution…. $10 million is a crazy amount for an oft-injured player, even if it is just for a year.

    Sadly though, its making me come to terms a bit on what little chance we have next year. Even if Beltran comes back strong, do you think he’d consider coming back at all to the Mets after this year? I can’t imagine, especially with this back surgery debacle. Hopefully Fernando will be legitimate by then.

    I’m so thankful for an organization like the Jets right now. (Did I just say that?)

  2. I think if you are going to commit 10 mil to a pitcher this offseason with a huge upside then you get Wang. He’s pitched int he toughest division in baseball and won 19 wins two seasons before getting hurt.

    i think if you do that and find a way to move Castillo and get Orlando Hudson all will be okay in Metland.

  3. Ted, why in the world would you want Mr. Alanta Brave John Smoltz on the Mets? Yes, I know they have Matthews on the team, Perez could move to outerspace and he will still be Mr. self destruct. I truly believe Omar is letting his younger kids do his job, which isn’t nothing these days. Yes, I wasn’t vey high on Sheets, but his upside would have been great, Garland is a horse, but not the Mets we are stuck with head case and self destruct.

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