Jarrod Washburn: Meh

According to ESPN 1050, the Mets are thinking about Jarrod Washburn.

Now I’m not sure exactly what they’re thinking about Jarrod Washburn. Maybe they’re thinking, “hey, would you look at that, Jarrod Washburn has really put together a respectable, if unspectacular, Major League career.” Or maybe they’re thinking that he looks a little like Kiefer Sutherland.

If they’re thinking he’d be a nice fit for their team in 2010, as the ESPN 1050 item suggests, color me unenthused.

Washburn has been, pretty consistently, among the most fly-ball heavy pitchers in the Majors. This worked out extremely well for him while he was with the Mariners last season, since they were fielding an outstanding outfield defense behind him.

This would, presumably, not work out as well for the Mets, assuming Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur can’t cover the ground that Franklin Gutierrez and Ichiro Suzuki do. Spoiler alert: They can’t.

Is Washburn the worst pitcher in the world? Far from it. He’s a guy. He’s just not particularly good either, and he’s 35, and he’s coming off two straight seasons shortened by injury.

And I’m not certain he’s much of an upgrade over any number of guys they already have in house.

7 thoughts on “Jarrod Washburn: Meh

  1. Ted, what are they thinking about Jarrod Washburn? Are they thinking let’s really piss the fans off this year and make sure they don’t come to the games? Are they thinking what if we are in on Washburn years ago when he was actually effective? Ted, they do realize they don’t have a team that will compete unless Maine, Pelfrey, and Ollie learn how to pitch with out the mental collapse. What a joke, How much more do they expect the Fans and myself to take? I’ve been a fan way to long and have way to much Mets stuff to try to get rid of now. What to do? What to do?

  2. Ted, one last thing I’ve been a fan of your writting for a while now and I really enjoy the fact that some one with real knowledge of the team and understanding of the fans has his own site now. This is way better than your copy and paste pal Cerrone over at Metsblog. Also remember I’m the guy that labeled you Mr. Big Time.

    With the above being mentioned, is it possible that you could be the new GM of the Mets? Maybe even start a drive to get together with the fans to raise enough money to buy the Mets from Jeff Wilpon or sign a pettition to get his dad Fred to take his team back? Your thoughts please.

    Because just like I noted yesterday that Omar’s family is running the team right, I also believe that Jeff works for Omar and they both work for Manuel, who I still thinks gets advice from Willie Randolph. Bobby V for manager and Davey Johnson for Gm if your not considered Ted.

  3. Francouer can play RF quite well dude. Everybody hates on him because he likes putting the ball in play. But the kid can still throw and catch quite well. In a league that outfield positions are being less and less defined he’s a true right fielder with the ability to throw from the corner to 3rd, 3nd and home.

    Give the kid some credit he’s done right by the Mets thus far including playing so hurt they had to transplant his tendon! What more can the kid do to win some of you cold hearted haters over?

    • His arm still appears pretty awesome, but that wouldn’t prevent fly balls from dropping in for hits, which would be the problem with Washburn. I wasn’t aiming to hate on the guy, but he didn’t really appear to have great range in right, and the stats back that up.

      • Ted, come on Ted. Ted, no really Ted. Us being fans of yours knows that there is no love for one of the only bright spots in Francouer who did what Church couldn’t do in two seasons with the Mets in playing really well, and staying healthy. Granted he inherrited Alex Cora’s thumb injuries, but played through it and best of all, Manuel actually likes him. I have no doubt that Francouer’s main goal will be to get you to believe in him this coming season. You’ll see Ted, you’ll see.

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