Items of note

It’s Mets for Me provides a pretty good counter to my John Smoltz argument. I’m really trying not to bring politics here, or to allow politics to get in the way of what I think would be a good baseball move, but this makes me want no part of Smoltz in New York.

Toby Wachter investigates the nature of the Mets’ brand.

The Russians told us to soak our feet in buckets of vodka.

I really, really hope Nick Markakis carries this beard into the season. That would make for such a hilarious and radical identity shift, from “pretty good young player on the Orioles” to “triumphant beard hero who puts Casey Blake to shame.”

I can’t find any evidence of it online, but I’m pretty sure when Cherokee Parks got tons and tons of tattoos, Timmy Hardaway said something along the lines of, “I guess he didn’t to just want be known as ‘bad’ anymore.”

9 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. All I really care about with Smoltz is wether he can still pitch. I’m sure 50% of the guys in the MLB carry some sort of weird or off the wall beliefs that I or many people wouldnt agree with. Smoltz just happened to be asked about something and let his feelings be known to the public. I’m sure alot of guys share his views and its never caused a problem among him or his team, so I couldnt care less.

    And the Markakis beard is awesome. It takes alot to put Casey Blake to shame, and he does it.

      • Why? Because he is opposed to gay marriage? So is a majority of the country. He may not have expressed his opposition very neatly, but that should be the least of the reasons not to bring him here.

      • Because, DCMetsfan, gay people != animals, and Smoltz, along with anyone else that makes that statement, are outing themselves as a Po’S.

        That said, I’m sure there are tons of P’so’S that I root for in the sports world everyday. I mean, I rooted for Ryan Church, despite his mild anti-Semitism. Smoltz’s comment is much worse than Church’s, though.

  2. Ted, of course Omar is going to come on hot stove last night and talk about how his job is safe and that he does the best job he can do. I will tell you and every Mets fan that reads this or any of your other stuff. That Omar is full of Crap and you might as well listen to what he says and then believe the opposite. Anyone out there in Mets universe that believes him or otherwise is dellusional.

  3. O/T but, hey, Ted, did you happen to see that notably sucky band Aerosmith is considering washed-up 80s icon Billy Idol as a replacement for Steven Tyler? I actually think this makes Aerosmith marginally better, but still pretty horrendous.

    • Oh man, I did NOT see that. So conflicting — I happen to have a huge soft spot in my heart for Billy Idol for a variety of reasons: 1) Vague, unsubstantiated rumors he lived in Rockville Centre, NY — the town I grew up in — across the street from Joan Jett. 2) My use of his “Dancing with Myself” as a campaign theme song for my ultimately successful joke campaign for high-school president. 3) Rebel Yell is an awesome song. 4) Excellent work in the Wedding Singer.

      I don’t see how he could pull off the Steven Tyler vocals, though. I mean, he’d be 100x cooler than Steven Tyler, but he wouldn’t sound anything like him.

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