Just because

Bobby Kielty’s in the news this week, apparently trying to make a comeback as a pitcher after being cut by the Mets in the great, mysterious Lake Erie Eradication of 2009.

(If you’ve forgotten — and you probably have — the Mets cut Kielty, Javier Valentin and Wily Mo Pena from their Buffalo club on the same day in late June last year. I’m still not certain why it happened — for all I know, there were contractual reasons for the moves — but it did seem funny that a team desperate for depth should cut the only three hitters on its Triple-A club with any history of Major League success in one fell swoop.)

Anyway, Kielty’s return gives me enough reason to reprint this split image, an underrated athlete/celebrity lookalike, I feel. It’s Kielty with his hat off, and South Park’s Kyle Broflovski in the same condition. Daywalkers both:

6 thoughts on “Just because

    • Funny story about that from the Wikipedia — Scott Farkus’ appearances in that movie were accompanied by the “wolf” theme from Peter and the Wolf, and “Farkas” is the Hungarian word for wolf. “He had yellow eyes!”

      • Wikipedia continues to amaze. BTW, the day I told you to look out for Fernando Martinez’s awesome beard, he goes on to shave that morning. There has to be some highlights somewhere. He likely shaved since he was getting approaching a level where he might have started running into trouble at airports.

  1. Ginger pride bitches.

    Kietly has had an odd career. He’s a switch hitter who can only hit from the right side. He has a career OPS of .881 against lefties. I have to imagine he could serve a Gabe Kapler like role somewhere in the pros.

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