So close

I know marketing departments dominate Major League color-scheme decisions, but it always bothers me how dull the variety is in baseball. It’s like every team is some variety of royal or navy blue with white, sometimes highlighted by red or orange.

I’ve been campaigning for several years to no one in particular that some team should adopt the UCLA color scheme — sky blue and yellow. The Rays added both colors when they ditched the “Devil” from their nickname, but they’re tethered to the navy-and-white hat for whatever reason.

Anyway, they introduced new sky blue jerseys today, another step in the right direction. And it appears their batting-practice caps are sky blue with white. It’s not hard, Rays’ marketing department: You change your hat to sky blue with yellow letters, and I’ll buy one. That’s one sale, done. It helps that your hat has my initials (and Taco Bell’s) on it.

H/T to Craig Calcaterra for the link.

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