Sanchez doing all sorts of hilarious celebrity things

Mark Sanchez coached the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl on Saturday. His team won, because Mark Sanchez is a winner. They triumphed despite carrying dead weight in the form of most of the cast of Gossip Girl, because Mark Sanchez’s Celebrity Beach coaching is just that shrewd.

(The game featured numerous beautiful celebrities I have never heard of. They just keep churning out beautiful celebrities. Then I go to their Wikipedia pages and find out they were born in years I remember. When I was young, I had no idea 29 was so old.)

That night, Mark Sanchez went to a Maxim Magazine pre-Super Bowl party where, according to the Daily News, he had “lots of ladies fawning over him,” then left with Kristin Cavallari from The Hills.

3 thoughts on “Sanchez doing all sorts of hilarious celebrity things

  1. What is with these idiot NFL QBs. Sanchez could have his pick of basically any babes down there and he leaves with the Chick from The Hills? Why invite that type of drama into your life, just to grab some tail? Just bang one of the countless no name babes surrounding you and do it in peace.

    • It’s interesting but I think because Sanchez hasn’t been in the spotlight very long (hell, 3 years ago he was basically a nobody), I bet he’s still blown away, so to speak, at the fact he can land hot celebrities.

      Probably sounds a lot better to his boys back home that he left with Kristin Cavallieri than with some random hot chick.

      And it doesn’t hurt that Cavallieri is smoking hot, too.

      • Just seems like there are always examples of NFL players getting mixed up in the celebrity world and it just never turns out well, especially the chick from The Hills.

        Look how it turned out for Tony Romo, and Matt Leinart when they started to get sucked into the hollywood celebrity scene.

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