Items of note

Everything about this interview is awesome. It’s awesome that Brian Cashman gave it, the questions are awesome, and the answers are awesome. I’m so jealous of Yankee fans right now.

The Mets are reportedly making “a hard push” for Rod Barajas. I’m already seeing Twitter snark about how they’re adding yet another catcher, but if it’s on the cheap, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. He’s less likely to completely collapse than Omir Santos.

Tommy Dee is holding down the NBA Trade Deadline fort. Sounds like the Knicks are up to something, though it’s unclear exactly what.

King Tut apparently died of malaria. Interesting.

8 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. I’m pretty indifferent to signing Barajas. But it seems to me that rather than paying like 500,000-1 million per for like 4 or 5 different catchers, wouldn’t it have made more sense to make the trade for Chris Snyder, since apparently the only thing that stopped it from happening was the mets unwillingness to take on the 4.5 million owed to him. Since we’ll likely end up spending close to that number anyway while getting a return not nearly as valuable as Snyder has the possibility of being.

    • Great point. Alternately, I wonder how much Felipe Lopez is really going to cost at this point. I think the difference between Lopez and Luis Castillo is greater than the one between Barajas and Santos.

      • Yeah I thought about that too, but I figure at this point upgrading 2nd base is a lost cause. Regardless of how much other options cost I get the feeling there’s just no way they’ll pay 8 million combined to a 2nd and 3rd string 2nd basemen, which makes me wonder why they jumped to resigned Cora so early before waiting to see what the market did.

    • I always say to my friends who are Yankee fans: “It’s not fair that you have the highest payroll and a good GM. That’s not how it works.” Seriously, our GM can hardly conjugate verbs in English and theirs is going on about small sample sizes, cost-efficiency, and talking about the importance of the draft. SEE WILPONS, this is what happens when you let a GM handle his team. And also when your GM isn’t a doddering retard.

      • Well in Omars defense he’s probably still a decent scout, whether he should be in charge of full baseball operations of a professional teams is an entire other story, and there are still scout heavy teams that don’t use numbers are see results. I think a bigger problem may be the “alleged” meddling and how they choose to surround their gm in the front office, since reports have said rather than hiring qualified scouts with proven track records there’s a lot of hiring of buddies.

  2. I’m seeing the snark also. A lot of Molina comparisons that don’t mention 2 things

    A. Bengie and Rod are at opposite ends of the defensive catcher spectrum.
    B. Barajas is apparently being offered a minor league deal.

  3. I would love to see them sign Barajas on the cheap because Santos can’t hit and its not fair to expect Thole to hit while learning to catch at the major league level, with all the added defensive responsibilities catchers are burdened by.

    Sign Barajas to a one-year deal for a million, and let Thole learn his trade in AAA. Barajas is not much different than Molina. Molina is better offensively, but with same weaknesses (fat and slow with low OBP). Barajas is better defensively.

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