Mark Sanchez’s surgery, Mark Sanchez successful

According to Mark Sanchez’s Twitter, the young quarterback is:

Out of surgery. Doc says it went exceptionally well.

Of course it did.

Sanchez, in case you missed it, had an operation today to fix a patella-stabilizing ligament in his left knee.

Now Mark Sanchez’s patella will remain in place. The rest of Mark Sanchez will continue to roam free, like a wild stallion.

4 thoughts on “Mark Sanchez’s surgery, Mark Sanchez successful

    • I don’t know if this is actually a result of unsuccessful surgery or an issue in care after the surgery but staph infections? I know that’s what happened to LeCharles Bentely and pretty much destroyed his career.

      • Just once I’d like to see (not really of course) someone come out and say: “Just got out of surgery, it went abysmally. Doc was really shook up afterwards and the nurses told me they’d never seen something go wrong that way. I hope that everyone’s prayers are with me…”

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