Hilarious Triple-A lineup scenario

Chris Wilcox Will Davidian did a nice job over at BlueAndOrange.net with something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: Aggregating all of the minor moves seemingly made to improve the Mets’ Triple-A farm club.

Buffalo, as I’ve mentioned before, has one of the most active and dedicated Minor League fanbases, and during last season the Mets promised to do better by the city.

This offseason, they’ve pretty clearly made an effort, as Chris Will details in the link above. But I’ll take it one step further and imagine a hilarious scenario.

All of the following men, in theory, could be on the Mets’ Triple-A club in 2010. This lineup doesn’t include Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, Josh Thole, Fernando Martinez or Nick Evans and so it’s certainly not one I’m advocating, but the Bisons could have the opportunity to field an entire team of Ken Phelps All-Stars.

Check it out. Here they are, with their career Triple-A slash lines, their total number of Triple-A plate appearances, and their Opening Day ages:

C: Chris Coste: .282/.337/.414 — (Age: 36, AAA PAs: 2142)
1B: Val Pascucci: .278/.397/.509 — (31, 2673)
2B: Andy Green: .300/.381/.486 — (32, 1881)
3B: Mike Cervenak: .299/.337/.457 — (33, 2458)
SS: Russ Adams: .276/.345/.409 — (29, 1927)
LF: Chris Carter: .304/.373/.493 — (27, 2201)
CF: Jesus Feliciano: .310/.357/.391 — (30, 1465)
RF: Mike Hessman: .238/.327/.486 — (32, 3691)

That’s so many Triple-A plate appearances. That’s so much Triple-A mashing.

8 thoughts on “Hilarious Triple-A lineup scenario

  1. As a Buffalonian, I’d be more excited to see Ike and Tejada and other actual prospects. That said, it would be nice to just not suck. All these moves do signal that Ike will likely start the year in AA.

  2. Would that make the average age of the AAA team greater than the MLB team?! Awesome!

    Ted, I know you’re anti-winter olympics, but did you catch the Women’s downhill last night? So brutal, so many tears shed, but the best damn event so far.

    • Honestly, I haven’t watched a second of the Olympics so far. I did like downhill more than other Olympic sports from the WCSN.com days, but not enough to figure out when to tune in.

      Plus, once you’ve seen (and heard) this clip, you really never need to watch skiing again. That’s the pinnacle right there.

  3. With this type of lineup, they should place a keg at secondbase. Base runners then half to down a beer before they are allowed to proceed to third. They also have the option of just dumping a beer on their heads. Man, I miss college intramural softball.

  4. Good Job Mets!After last seasons 400 injuries, the thought of a stacked Trip A. Squad is a great hedge in case we get bit by the injury bug again. All of our legit prospects: Davis,Tejada,Thole,Bowman, F-Mart, Niese, will all play prominent roles on the team and be allowed to develop, while having plenty of experienced help to hopefully give the City of Buffalo a winning team …God knows we owe that City after Last years disaster.

  5. Tejada

    Wow …I like the lineup better than the MLB squad …all kidding aside the Buffalo Bisons should have a good team!

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