Doubting Carlos Beltran’s fashion sense will get you nowhere, Craig Calcaterra

Carlos Beltran arrived in Port St. Lucie today, and HardballTalk’s typically excellent Craig Calcaterra writes that, though it’s great that Beltran’s knee and relationship with the Mets appear to be progressing nicely, his sense of style is lacking:

Less than hunky dory was Beltran’s fashion sense, as evidenced by these pictures by Howard Simmons of the Daily News.  Note the ugly shirt tucked into jeans! Behold the two-hole-deep white belt which was EXACTLY like one your old man had back in the 70s!  Note also that Beltran, not content to rock a mere trucker’s hat, rocks what appears to be a very expensive takeoff on a trucker’s hat.

Look: We here (by which I mean “me here”) at TedQuarters are not above judging professional athletes for their fashion choices. It is clearly my right; just look at Shane Victorino’s stupid suit.

But doubt Carlos Beltran at your own peril, Craig Calcaterra. I certainly don’t dress like Beltran does here — these clothes are not available at Old Navy — nor would I necessarily advocate doing so, but I’ve come to assume that whatever choices Carlos Beltran makes are the correct ones, even if they may seem wrong on some surface level.

So when Carlos Beltran elects not to slide into home plate, I like to assume he had some good damn good reason — like maybe somehow he instantly calculated that his chances of scoring would actually be lessened by sliding in some way we, mere mortals of baseball-understanding, could not possibly conceive. Or, perhaps more likely, he was playing injured and considered the possibility that a collision with the catcher could have hastened his inevitable trip to the disabled list.

Probably Beltran’s tucked-in t-shirt and white belt are so outrageously hip that folks like me and Craig Calcaterra can’t even process how awesome they are, and we’ll only begin to understand in several years, when the rest of the world stylistically catches up with Carlos Beltran.

And yeah, I recognize that the vaguely Affliction-style t-shirt and trucker-ish hat he’s wearing have already come into vogue, but you gotta understand: Beltran’s so far ahead of the curve that he’s actually wearing them for the next time they’re in fashion, in some much hipper way. It’s not something I can fully grasp because I am not Carlos Beltran.

OK, sorry about that. I’m pretty excited about Beltran, is all.

9 thoughts on “Doubting Carlos Beltran’s fashion sense will get you nowhere, Craig Calcaterra

  1. I am entirely with you. Mere mortals look silly even thinking about questioning Beltran’s fashion sense.

    Also, we find here again a cultural disconnect. Like idiots mocking Jose for wearing headbands, when they’re very common and totally hip throughout the Caribbean – it’s just that dippy white guys don’t rock headbands. I have learned from watching Burn Notice that the white belt is back in a big way in Miami. Seriously, this fool has no business.

    (I am really tired of those shirts, but I defer to Carlos’s knowledge of how things should properly be done.)

    Completely love the Vic Torino pic by the way, hadn’t seen it before. Lord, but he’s a dipwad.

  2. Something confused me about what beltran said today, about how his doctor couldnt believe he was playing last year with so many bone chips in his knee.

    Didnt Beltran get examined and get a second opinion from this same guy last July, at which point he confirmed Beltran only had a bone bruise and need only rest until he felt better?

    • Yes, you’re correct but not even the latest MRI prior to his surgery will pick up every bone chip floating around in there. This is something you can’t know until you go in and actually look.

  3. 1. Beltran could be wearing Borat’s neon bathing suit and it would deserve our approval.

    2. What the hell is Victorino doing at the Grammys?

  4. SNY showed clips at some charity event the Mets had last year. Most of the regulars showed up. Can’t remember when exactly it was but Delgado was there on crutches so not too long after his surgery.

    They actually interviewed some of the guys asking who they thought was the best dressed guy there. Many named Beltran, Strawberry (and I forget the third – might have been Johan). Remembering the attire Beltran had on that evening, I’d have to agree. LOL…..

  5. beltran can do whatever he wants! you got it, craig!

    anyway, i wouldnt be worried about a former lawyer turned full time baseball blogger from ohio is saying about fashion.

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