Items of note

Awesome, awesome story about Josh Thole’s time in Venezuela from David Waldstein at the Times. And it comes with a new nickname for the kid: El Infierno.

The guy who played Boner in Growing Pains is missing in Vancouver.

Holy lord, David Wright is monstrous.

Patrick Flood visits the cloned-team-full-of-Player-X idea, but only using offensive win percentage. Dammit, when will the Internet tell me, definitively, how my team full of Mark McGwires would fare?

11 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. I’m sorry Ted, I thought you were messing around. Honestly though, I’m pretty sure that is the other guy from the backstreet boys. Did anyone ask the president of Canada Alanis Morrisette? She might know or at least declare a state of emergency. Seriously, though I hope they find him and he’s ok.

  2. I am truly sorry for the bad jokes above. I feel like Omar Minaya right now trying to gain back some of the forgiveness and respect I may have lost within Mets organization and fans right now. I really do appoligize for the above comments. It’s in bad taste and way to soon.

  3. Does anyone live on or around Smithtown, Long Island area and is looking for a great outfielder for coed or men’s league softball. Over ten years playing experience above average hitter. If so please let me know, I need to play in a dirt league on Long Island. Ted, Sorry for using your forum for my need to play recreational Coed or Men’s league Softball. That’s slow pitch by the way.

      • Yea he looks jacked. Hard to tell just from one pic. He was pretty stocky before though, so it could be a combo of some added size, plus the fact that hes absolutely shredded now that makes it seem like hes all that much more jacked. A little added definition goes a long way.

      • he was always big. but we never see it.

        No question, he looks more toned though.

        Either way, his neck and face look too normal for ‘roids. Plus, that whole drug testing thing would probably get in the way. Although, HgH is not tested. Plenty of legal supplements can get you jacked just like that though.

        If he strikes out and breaks the bat over his thigh, maybe we could start to worry then.

    • He looks big, but definitely not Jersey Shore big. Doubt he’s doing roids, probably just hitting the gym hard and skipping the tan and laundry.

  4. Ted, does this mean that Sanchez and Wright will now be doing photo shoots together? Like the above mentioned posts said Wright has always been stocky, but you really don’t know the shape of these guys because one the uniform hides them, two they are after all professional athletes and are probably strongly advised to stay in shape and on top of their game. Third, It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Benitez or Bartolo colon type pitcher. Those guys were Eddie Curry fat as you like to say.

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