Jason Bay’s Canadianness knows no bounds

The big talk in Mets camp today is that Jason Bay showed up. Adam Rubin has a full recap of the outfielder’s Q&A with reporters. Some highlights:

What happened to the Canadian hockey team?

“I knew that was coming. That stung a little bit. They beat us. We were almost kind of out-hearted a little bit. I mean that last goal, that empty-netter by Kessler, kind of proved it right there. Outshot, what, 45 to 19 or 20 or something like that? If this were a medal game we were talking about, I’d probably hang my head a little lower. Being as we have a pretty good shot to get in tonight, I’d still take our chances.”

But you became a U.S. citizen. Root for USA?

“No way. I can’t do that. And I’d never be able to go back home. I’m still a Canadian through and through.”

You have MEDIUM EST NUNTIUS written on your T-shirt. What’s that mean?

“I have no idea. I bought it at Nordstrom’s before I came. I needed some T-shirts for the spring.”

You’re really into curling?

“I played a couple of years when I was in high school. They needed an extra guy. I wasn’t any good. It’s more of an excuse to go out on the ice and sweep around for a couple of hours and get a little exercise, and then drink a couple of beers afterward. I don’t have high school baseball where I’m at.”

OK, so let’s recap: A bunch of hockey info teeming with optimism, followed by the very redundant “I’m a Canadian through and through” quote, and then, of course, the admission that in high school he liked to “go out on the ice and sweep around” then “drink a couple of beers” afterward. Molsons, I assume.

My favorite part, buried among all the righteous Canucking, is the note about his t-shirt. Jason Bay had to buy a bunch of t-shirts right before Spring Training, presumably because his lumberjack wear was inappropriate for the Florida humidity.

Anyway, the Internet tells me that “MEDIUM EST NUNTIUS” actually is Latin for “the common good is the message,” which sounds a bit socialist to me. Even when haphazardly picking out t-shirts, Jason Bay is drawn to vaguely Canadian ideals.

Jason Bay: He’s your guy, buddy.

I apologize to any Canadians who may be offended by this post. I actually love Canada. It’s beautiful and fun and the people are pleasant, and often themselves beautiful. And I’m sure curling is a fantastic sport if you understand the rules.

(Jason Bay image courtesy Patrick Flood.)

5 thoughts on “Jason Bay’s Canadianness knows no bounds

    • I actually don’t think it’s white enough to be Bay – that MLB stock photo of him where they usually just change the hats and uniforms is pastey man.

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