Something to make Mets fans feel better

James Kannengieser reacted to some news out of San Francisco that outfielder Fred Lewis could get cut by the Giants with a nice post to Amazin’ Avenue about how Lewis would be a nice upgrade in the Mets’ outfield.

It’s true, and I agree with James, so read his post.

But since I couldn’t figure out why the Giants would cut a player like Lewis, I figured I’d catch up with official TedQuarters San Francisco insider Dailey McDailey for more insight.

Or maybe I just opted to publish a partial transcript of our online discussion. Here it is:

TedQuarters: Word is the Giants are going to straight-up cut Fred Lewis.

Dailey McDailey Honestly, I’d rather he be on a team that would let him play. Bruce Bochy will never give him a chance.

TQ: Bochy doesn’t like him?

DM: Bochy only likes old catchers.

TQ: That makes sense. But aren’t they going to carry like six people significantly worse than Fred Lewis?

DM: More like 10. He was No. 2 on the team in OBP last year. But Andres Torres is a “real” lead off hitter. Eugenio Velez had three good weeks. But he can’t play defense either, because he’s a second baseman. I hate my team. I’d like to [deleted for decency] Brian Sabean, [deleted for decency].

TQ: So their plan to upgrade their offense was to part ways with the guy who was second on the team in OBP last year?

DM: Then [deleted for decency] Bochy’s face. Nobody in the Giants front office knows what OBP is. They know batting average, which doesn’t apply to Molina, because he’s clutch.

TQ: Makes sense.

DM: It’s a team run by old sportswriters, and it makes me want to die.

TQ: It makes me feel better about the Mets, if that means anything to you.

DM: It doesn’t. The Mets have won a world series in your lifetime.

TQ: Yeah, but I only barely remember it.

DM: I remember losing to the trashy team from across the bay because a [expletive] earthquake leveled the city, and then losing to the trashy team from down the state because our manager wouldn’t let our best pitcher go in Game 7. Then I remember pissing away the prime of the best player ever. Then I remember pissing away the prime of the best pitching combination to come up together since Koufax and Drysdale.

TQ: Life is good, huh?

DM: We had one owner retire and another die, and Sabean still survives. WHO IS BACKING HIM? I WANT ANSWERS!

TQ: Can I publish portions of this conversation, tastefully deleting but alluding to the parts where you say what you’d do to Sabean and Bochy?

DM: You can publish every word if you want.

6 thoughts on “Something to make Mets fans feel better

  1. This is very amusing. As a Mets fan, it’s nice to get a little perspective by seeing that fans elsewhere are also enraged with their teams, if not more so.

  2. Now we know why the Mets and Giants were the only two teams bidding on Bengie Molina.

    This is what do you don’t seem to understand, Ted. Why should the Mets have waited for Fred Lewis to be available for nothing, when they could trade a serviceable major league reliever for a lesser player? Get with the program.

  3. Obviously he’s talking about Bonds, but who does he mean when he says “the best pitching combination to come up together since Koufax and Drysdale”?

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