Items of note

Mark Himmelstein proposes a compromise on the Jenrry Mejia situation. The problem: Who expects the Mets to follow through on any well-thought-out plan?

I’m going to watch the crap out of two forthcoming TV events: Life and Treme. Based on previous works by their creators, you probably should too.

You know what? I didn’t want to pay any attention to that jerk NCAA tournament for jerks anymore anyway. Jerks. Bah.

The NBA rulebook clearly states that a player may not progress the ball by sliding into parallel dimensions.

6 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. Had the show been created by anyone other than David Simon, and had starred anyone other than Bunk and Lester, I’d have no interest in a show about post Katrina Louisiana musicians. But because of those three people, Treme is my most anticipated show of the year.

    • Yeah, I’ll give you that a show about post-Katrina New Orleans could easily be sentimental nonsense, but I’ve got a thing for that city, pre- or post-storm. But like you said, it’s immaterial anyway, since Simon’s signed on. The Times Magazine article makes it sound pretty awesome, too.

  2. I’m a big Discovery Channel viewer and have been bombarded with commercials for “Life” for weeks now, and I cannot wait for this show to start. Looks like it will be pretty awesome.

  3. The problem with the compromise solution for Mejia which has him starting in the pen to control his innings and then going down to start, is what happens if he has a minor injury (like last year) right after he is sent down and he only ends up with 80 or 90 innings again? That’s what happened to Chamberlain in 08 and it wreaked havoc on their plans for 09.

    Just send the kid down to work on his breaking ball like Barajas said, and unleash the beast on the NL east next year. :)

  4. @ Alex, you’re not the only one. Even if the team won’t actually be better having prospects, with reasonable upside, is a lot more exciting than a bunch of question marks/old guys with more downside than upside.

    Also as far as the Meija debate, does anyone else think this could have been entirely avoided if they had just invited Holt to major league camp? He and Meija both have dynamic plus fastballs with shaky secondary offerings and could excel in the bullpen, but Holt is 3 years older, I believe, and because of that likely has a lower ceiling and smaller window to reach his starting potential. Between the two wouldn’t it make 10x more sense to stick him in the bullpen if they’re determined to sacrifice future gains for wins now?

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