Items of note

This is a good story. I set out to make a joke about Ugueth Urbina, but after reading it, I don’t even want to. K-Rod seems like a good dude.

From reader Scott: Robbers hold up Taco Bell for food. Bad reporting, though. The story says they got “fried apple pies,” but I have to assume they got Caramel Apple Empanadas, which are delicious.

(Also, considering the longstanding urban legend that McDonald’s Apple Pies are loaded with potatoes, did anyone else find it a little bit suspicious that Taco Bell introduced Caramel Apple Empanadas at the exact same time they added all the potato products to the menu?)

Heath Bell is awesome.

The Mets are thinking about Chad Gaudin. I don’t know what they’re thinking, but maybe it’s “hey, remember that beard he had?” Also, it will never stop being funny to me that Cousin Mose from the Office is Ken Tremendous.

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