Me on Feb. 10

Hat tip to Ryan for pointing this one out, upon the Mets signing Mike Jacobs:

That’s not to say it’s a bad move for the Mets to scoop him up on a Minor League deal. It’s a Minor League deal, after all. It will likely be a bad move if they cite his Major League experience and 32 home runs in 2008 and give him a 25-man roster spot over a more capable and deserving player, but since they haven’t done that yet, I’ll wait on it.

It still technically hasn’t happened, so I’m still waiting. At this point, I’m through being baffled by the Mets’ roster decisions, and Jacobs starting in Daniel Murphy’s stead over Frank Catalanotto or Ike Davis or  — heaven forbid — Chris Carter is so utterly predictable that I’m unable to muster up the energy to react with any gusto. I apologize. Maybe tomorrow.

Plus my eyes are doing something funky and I can’t quite focus on my computer screen. Did I have way too much caffeine today? The huge pile of Diet Dr. Pepper cans in the recycling bin says maybe.

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