People keep paying Steve Phillips to talk about baseball in public forums

It’s frustrating, it really is.

And I don’t say that because of his well-documented affair or harassment case way back when or his sex addiction or whatever. Those things do not impact his ability to talk about baseball.

I say that because Steve Phillips thinks Carlos Beltran isn’t awesome at baseball. Steve Phillips thinks Carlos Beltran doesn’t get the job done in pressure situations.

I say that because Steve Phillips would rather get bogged down in weird post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies than what’s happening in actual baseball games.

And maybe, just maybe, I say that because I’m still a little bitter about the whole Mo Vaughn thing.

8 thoughts on “People keep paying Steve Phillips to talk about baseball in public forums

  1. As it was pointed out on Deadspin, I think, it’s really amazing that is this a guy who is two-for-two in sexual harassment at his various jobs, and it took only 161 days for him to go from disgraced to apparently rehabilitated. Also, he is terrible at commenting on baseball. What’s the rush to hire this guy anywhere?

    • Additionally, I’m sure it’s going to be great for WFAN listeners to hear Steve and Francessa rip on the Mets when he appears on that show every week.

      The flagship station of the New York Mets!

      • I’ve found that it’s better for my mental health to just not listen to sports talk radio. Or, really, any talk radio.

      • I enjoyed listening to sports talk radio while I was living out in Rochester. It was all people screaming about the Bills and the Sabres, two teams that I have no allegiance to or particular concern with, and it was enjoyable as an outsider to listen to that.

        I wouldn’t dare listen to the FAN.

      • The best thing about sports-talk radio is pranking sports-talk radio. In college, TedQuarters San Francisco insider Dailey McDailey and his roommates used to regularly prank some overnight jackass on Philly radio (from DC), and the guy almost never caught on until they had slipped in some really filthy double entendre or something. I followed suit on WFAN once and got a line about Rafael Palmeiro swinging chemically enhanced wood onto the air that forced the host to apologize to his listeners.

        Incidentally, I’m pretty sure it was Adam Schein, but he doesn’t remember it. Maybe it was Tony Paige.

      • The best thing about talk radio is listening to Steve Sommers as you drive home from a Mets game, following a Met victory and a Yankee loss.

      • I couldn’t agree more.
        For the most part, I gave up the afternoon drive by because Ii think it’s long past time MF retired.
        Now? With Phillips on board once a week or so – I’ll definitely be avoiding that 1-5pm show.

        Does anyone else but me think it’s ironic that there are probably more Yankee fans listening to his show anymore than Met fans? Thought WFAN was suppose to be the Mets flagship radio station…..

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