On Jason Taylor

The Jets signed Jason Taylor yesterday. I have my doubts about Jason Taylor’s ability at this point in his career.

Rex Ryan’s got your doubts about Jason Taylor’s ability right here, buddy.

That’s the thing. I’m going to continue assuming Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum know more about scouting football players than I do and have a better sense of the remaining missing pieces to the Jets’ puzzle. If they think they need Jason Taylor, then, you know, go for it.

Do I like Jason Taylor? Of course not. I’m a Jets fan. I’ve spent the better part of the last decade hating everything about Jason Taylor, and so I’m going to have to at least see him in uniform before my gut feelings about him change. But they will I’m sure, because I’m a Jets fan. That’s what being a fan’s about.

Yankee fans, as Ryan pointed out, came around to Johnny Damon. I’ll come around to Jason Taylor as soon as he makes his first sack, if not before.

I just hope he brings his automaton:

9 thoughts on “On Jason Taylor

  1. I don’t like this move for the Jets because I don’t understand how an undersized, one-dimensional speed rusher can play defensive end in a 3-4 defense, unless he stands up as a linebacker and blitzes. But does he still have the speed and athleticism to do that?

    • Well he’s not going to be a 3-4 DE, he’ll be a 3-4 OLB. He’s done that in recent years, including much of last year, and I think he held up fairly well i coverage when he was rushing the passer.

      My thoughts are pretty much like Ted’s: don’t like the move from a football standpoint as Taylor is old and declining, and don’t like it from the fan standpoint as I’ve hated Taylor for so many years. But Rex has earned the benefit of the doubt, and if Taylor gets some sacks I won’t hesitate to cheer. But it still will probably bother me.

      I’m also bothered that the Jets felt it was necessary to make such a strong pitch for a guy that no one else wanted, and who had said he would only come here if the Jets were the only team that wanted him. Will not be happy if, as rumored, Jets now cut some veteran starters who are actually better than Taylor.

      Hope it works out, and if not it will just give another reason to hate Taylor.

  2. What the hell is it with the English and giant sports figures menacing London? Here’s giant cricketer Shane Warne from the run-up to the 2006-07 Ashes series:

      • It has the potential of being pretty rad. Teams could set up giant moving statues of their best players in other cities before, say, the Super Bowl or the World Series. I could support this.

      • A pregame robot fight that makes all those Fox Sports robots look incredibly prescient . . .

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