This is what it’s like when worlds collide

According to the Daily News today, British ass-kicking machine and TedQuarters hero Jason Statham took Kristin Cavallari of The Hills on a golf-cart joyride through Palm Springs, Calif. at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.

This is notable for several reasons: First off, what must a Jason Statham-fueled golf-cart joyride be like? I hope Kristin Cavallari at least saw The Transporter before she got on board, or else, whoa nelly, she must have been pretty surprised the first time he took that thing for a mid-air barrel roll.

Second, and maybe even more importantly, the last time I mentioned Cavallari here it was because she was leaving a Super Bowl party with TedQuarters hero Mark Sanchez.

So good for Kristin Cavallari of The Hills for having impeccable taste in dudes, at least based on the very small sample of her lovelife I’m familiar with.

The only obvious possible concern here is the potential for a Statham/Sanchez beef, which would be terrible for the Jets and terribly conflicting for me. And I recognize that Sanchez, thanks to his offensive line, has a whole lot of muscle behind him. But there’s just no way you want an angry Jason Statham on your hands, no matter how many 300-pounders you’ve got in your corner. Statham’s shown that, time and again.

1 thought on “This is what it’s like when worlds collide

  1. I read somewhere that the Sanchez/Cavalieri thing might have just been a friendly thing, and that they have know each other since having attended the same HS in California for a few years.

    For the record, in a one on one fight, Sanchez has no shot.

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