2 thoughts on “Chicken-fried steak sandwich, Ballpark in Arlington

  1. Ted, this is off topic from the food, but I just wanted to ask – what’s your take on all this noise about how Joe McKnight, he of the recent draft and ZERO plays in the NFL, suddenly appears to be the biggest bust in the draft? It seems like New York sportswriters like Rich Cimini can’t get enough of talking about his issues with mental toughness and immaturity… yet, all we’ve seen of him is a brief rookie camp and a bunch of college highlights that suggest he can absolutely break a game open with his speed and quick changes in direction.

    Is McKnight a victim of the gasoline fire that is the New York media? Should I really be worried about him? None of this is really adding up – I have faith in Rex and Mike T., I don’t think they would have picked some kid who they thought would be any sort of liability (or would fail to make the team out the gate for character issues). Why are we picking on McKnight so much??? Do those writers just need a story?

    • McKnight should be just fine. Its the same lunatics that are saying the Jets are screwed because they “replaced” Jones with LT. News Flash, Schonn Green replaced Jones, LT is the backup. Hell, what does it even mean to be a “starting” running-back in the NFL these days anyway? Everyone pretty much splits running duties these days!

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