Boston fans apparently want to deny successful GM his right to see Pearl Jam

The only question I have is who was actually criticizing Epstein over this? I value my brain cells so I don’t listen to Boston talk radio, but were people actually considering this to be some sort of issue? I’d wager $10,000 that Theo Epstein works more hours and is better at his job than every single person who considered this to be a legitimate problem.

Craig Calcaterra, HardballTalk.

This. For those of you who don’t know the backstory: Theo Epstein went to a Pearl Jam concert instead of watching a Red Sox game (which he very well might have TiVo’d), and apparently Boston fans were so broken up about it that Nick Cafardo wrote a column defending Epstein.

The Red Sox endured an 86-year championship drought. Then the Curse of the Bambino magically ended the year after Epstein took the reins. It’s amazing how a series of smart moves can undo an age-old hex. And then the Sox won again in 2007, just to quiet any talk that the first could be a fluke.

Even with their team underperforming this season, Boston fans should wake up every morning and give thanks for whatever series of circumstances brought them Theo Epstein. His record is certainly not perfect, but he’s as good a GM as any in baseball. His teams have won two World Series in the seven seasons he has been at the helm.

And the funny thing is, that’s sort of implicit in any anger toward Epstein for taking a night off. As mad as they are over their team this season, Sox fans still want their GM working to try to better the club. I have to imagine there’d be plenty of Mets fans excited to hear that Omar Minaya was at a Pearl Jam concert if it meant he had his hands off the controls for a night.

4 thoughts on “Boston fans apparently want to deny successful GM his right to see Pearl Jam

  1. Maybe the problem is that Eddie Vedder is a diehard, lifelong Cubs fan. Considering how it was the Cubs that traded Bill Buckner to the Red Sox (for Dennis Eckersley, mind you), it could be argued that by extension the Cubs were at least partially responsible for the Sox’s 1986 disaster scenario. By that twisted logic, any fan of the Cubs (see: Vedder) is an enemy of the Sox. So Epstein was fraternizing with the enemy.

  2. Reasonable except that Eddie is a frontrunner who holds up jerseys all over the country, and Theo’s friendship is with Stone Gossard, who has no baseball allegience.

  3. Pearl Jam is one of the best bands to see live, can’t fault him there. There one of the few bands that mix their setlist every night, and they don’t phone any shows in.

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