I must have that

Huge hat tip to @RobertJamis for pointing me to this N.Y. Post article about the city’s most gluttonous foods. Check out this sucker:

Why, as a matter of fact, yes that is macaroni and cheese on a hot dog. This, from a place called Ditch Plains in the West Village, is the clear highlight of the Post piece. Sure, the poutine mentioned appears delicious, but the Ditch Dog breaks new ground. A delicious, cheesy trailblazer.

Former roommate Mike, a fellow food innovator, has been known to put casserole-style mac and cheese on a roll and call it Smackaroni. I convinced him to try putting ham on his creation, but I think the Ditch Dog — replacing the seeded deli roll with a hot-dog bun — might present a slightly less absurd starch:meat ratio. You know, for the Atkins set.

Because it’s baseball and, apparently, wedding season, I’m not sure I’ll have much opportunity to get down the West Village before the stand opens up in Brooklyn. I will certainly have the opportunity to get to that stand in Brooklyn once it opens in late June, though, and I will, of course, report back here.

4 thoughts on “I must have that

  1. Well the good part is that this seems relatively simple. Hit dog and mac and cheese, could easily be done at home.

  2. When I was in my health-what’s-the-opposite-of-conscious 20’s, I would make this with my girlfriend and we’d call it “kid’s meal.” Now it’s all turkey burgers and chicken sausage. Blech.

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