What Hideki Irabu’s mugshot looks like

In case you missed it, Hideki Irabu’s reign of terror continued yesterday. Here’s the mugshot, from the AP wire:

A guy I knew in college started a t-shirt “company” called “Visions of Glory.” All his t-shirts featured a celebrity mugshot. That’s it.

There are some classics out there that made for funny t-shirts. Obviously Nick Nolte was the guy’s most popular seller, but I remember chuckling pretty hard the first time some kid strolled into one of my classrooms with this shot emblazoned on his chest.

Irabu’s mugshot is a subtler brand, but I love it regardless. So unashamed and nonchalant. This is the mugshot of a dude who has posed for mugshots before. Hideki Irabu’s just like, “yeah, here I am. Please take the picture so I can get back to whatever the hell it is I do when I’m not drunk and causing trouble or, failing that, get back to getting drunk and causing trouble.”

2 thoughts on “What Hideki Irabu’s mugshot looks like

  1. Dude, The only thing Hideki should have been arrested for is Second Degree Awesomeness. Amazing mug shot too. Mugilla Gorilla. Irabu remains one of my favorite degenerate Yankees of all-time.

  2. He and Jose Lima were team mate of Long Beach Armada in 2009.
    Lima dead.
    I’m not sure but that’s why he drunk???

    Finally he ‘s the most stupid baseball player who came from Japan.

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