Taylor Tankersley shows Jayson Werth a thing or two about tasteful facial hair

The Marlins recalled the 27-year-old left-hander from Triple-A New Orleans on Thursday, and he was in a big league uniform for the first time since July 2008.

A change from then to now is his handlebar mustache. The Marlins have a facial hair policy. Goatees and ‘staches are allowed, if they are well groomed.

Joe Frisaro, MLB.com.

Kudos to the Marlins for having a facial-hair policy that recognizes greatness. Also, if their facial hair policy allows goatees and mustaches, what’s out of the question? Ungroomed (and disgusting) Ryan Franklin numbers? Classic Casey Blake beards?

Anyway, here’s the new and improved Taylor Tankersley. Now he’s “that reliever with the awesome handlebar mustache” and not just “that guy whose last name kind of sounds like Eckersley” anymore. I don’t know if he really has the face for this type of mustache, but respect the man for trying:

4 thoughts on “Taylor Tankersley shows Jayson Werth a thing or two about tasteful facial hair

  1. Handlebar mustaches for the win. He’s got a long ways to catch up with the handlebarred greatness that is Merv Hughes’ mustache:

  2. I feel the need to point out that this is not a handlebar mustache. This is a fu manchu mustache. It’s a common mistake, but handlebar mustaches are the ones that are waxed and curl up.

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