Athletes, everyone else unable to resist donuts

Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate said Tuesday he was “very embarrassed” after police in the Seattle suburb of Renton, Wash., gave him a warning for trespassing into a gourmet doughnut shop at 3 a.m. last weekend….

He said a friend took a couple of maple bars from the shop, which is on the ground floor of the building in which Tate lives.

“They are irresistible,” Tate said of the pastries.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he has talked to Tate and agrees that maple bars can be irresistible.

Detroit Free Press.

Right, right, right. “A friend.”

I’m actually not a huge fan of maple-flavored desserts — they’re usually a bit too sweet for me — but I understand the allure of a 3 a.m. donut. And heck, if I lived above a donut shop, with all that donuty goodness lingering in my nostrils long after the shop closed, I might be tempted to break in after hours.

I mean, if they didn’t want Golden Tate trespassing and “his friends” stealing donuts, they could have stayed open 24 hours. Did anyone really expect this guy to walk right past a gourmet donut shop to go buy lesser donuts at a Mobil Mart or 7-11, just because the shop is closed for business? C’mon. Have you had those donuts?

That’s not a rhetorical question: Has anyone been to TopPot Donuts in the Seattle area? Can someone confirm if they’re good?

As Tate himself points out, the entire episode has been good for TopPot.

But I should note that this is not the first embarrassing off-field incident involving a professional athlete and a donut. Kevin Mitchell, at the height of his awesomeness, once went on the Disabled List after injuring a tooth biting a donut he had microwaved too long.

Hat tip to Paul Vargas for the link.

9 thoughts on “Athletes, everyone else unable to resist donuts

  1. In select Starbucks I’ve seen TopPot doughnuts, which originated in Seattle. I have had a TopPot apple fritter, and I have to say I would have broken in at 3am for it. It was delicious. Very upscale, quality ingredients, and not too sweet. I would recommend visiting Golden Tate next time you’re in Seattle, just not at 3am.

  2. This is so weird… I HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN TO THE SHOP. Seriously, ONE TIME I go to Seattle, that’s the place I buy donuts.

  3. TopPot is awesome, and the maple bars might be worth a little B&E.

    The story, as I understand it (and is the place for all things Seahawk) is that Tate and his buddy walked into the place while the young lady on graveyard was working, but obviously not open for business. No one was behind the counter so they just helped themselves.

    I’m sure the young lady working there didn’t think it was all that funny, and I can’t blame her. Still, it was kinda funny.

  4. Oh, and it’s worth noting that Tate lived in the building where the shop was located and the door to the shop was open.

    That’s probably why it was trespass rather than B&E. (Not justifying it. Just giving context.)

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