More reasons Heath Bell is awesome

If you didn’t think Heath Bell was awesome after this interview with Yahoo! Sports in March, check out this clip from Ephraim Fischbein’s interview with the man for New York Baseball Digest:

Nickname – Heater or Taco

That’s right: Heath “Taco” Bell.

What a stud.

I interviewed Bell for the very first of our “On the Road” segments for what used to be called New York Baseball Today and is now The Baseball Show. I’m pretty sure it was my first on-camera interview with a player, and Bell seized the opportunity to mess with me. Even at the time I thought it was hilarious.

When two people are talking on-camera, they usually have to be standing uncomfortably close to each other. We’re accustomed to seeing it so it doesn’t look strange, but pay attention next time you see that setup and consider the distance you’d normally stand to have a conversation with someone at a bar or in your kitchen or wherever. Get into this business and you’re going to do a lot of awkward mantouching with professional athletes. Heath Bell appreciates that, apparently. I’m pretty sure he leaned in to kiss me at one point but it didn’t make the final cut:

5 thoughts on “More reasons Heath Bell is awesome

  1. I think Heath Bell seems like a pretty cool dude, but I think he sometime soon needs to stop whinning about how the Mets treated him. I can see if hes still a bit sore about it a year later, but we are what 3 years out now and you cant get through a Pads/Mets series without him continuing to whine about it.

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